Gauri Jain

Researcher at Harvard Teamcore Group.


Hello! My name is Gauri and I’m a second year Computer Science PhD student at Harvard. I am excited about all things related to using technology (carefully!!) to make the world better. For my research, I’m especially interested in applying concepts in optimization and machine learning to problems in public health and immigration.

Before Harvard, I worked at Meta as a software engineer on Marketplace and Integrity products in the Bay Area and London. And before that, I studied computer science at Cornell University.

I also love teaching (probably unsurprising given how overly energetic this page is)! Some of my favorite teaching experiences I’ve had so far are as a middle school math and cs instructor with Breakthrough, a Physics TA with the Cornell Prison Education Program, and a Section Leader with the Stanford Code in Place Program. If any of my background interests you, please reach out! I could probably learn a thing or two from you.


Jun 1, 2023 I spent the summer in India working as an intern for Armman.
Jan 7, 2023 I visited the Armman offices in India to learn more about how they are using telehealth programming to improve maternal and child health in India.
Aug 31, 2022 I started grad school!


  1. IJCAI 2023 Workshop
    Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Restless Multi-Armed Bandits with Application to Maternal and Child Health
    Gauri Jain, Pradeep Varakantham, Haifeng Xu, Aparna Taneja, and Milind Tambe
    IJCAI Bridge AI Workshop Aug 2023
  2. AAAI 2023 Workshop
    BiomeAzuero2022: A Fine-Grained Dataset and Baselines for Tree Species Classification with Ground Images
    Ziwei Gu*, Gauri Jain*, Hongwen Song*, Isak Diaz Diaz, Margaux Masson-Forsythe, and Jorge Valdes
    AAAI AI for Social Good Workshop Feb 2023
  3. In Review
    Restless and Non-Stationary Bandits for Planning Public Health Interventions
    Aditya Mate, Aparna Taneja, Gauri Jain, and Milind Tambe
    In Review Oct 2022
  4. Informs 2022
    Sequential Fair Allocation: Achieving the Optimal Envy-Efficiency Tradeoff Curve
    Sean Sinclair, Gauri Jain, Siddhartha Banerjee, and Christina Lee Yu
    Operations Research Nov 2022
  5. NeurIPS 2020
    Adaptive Discretization for Model-Based Reinforcement Learning
    Sean Sinclair, Tianyu Wang, Gauri Jain, Siddhartha Banerjee, and Christina Lee Yu
    Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 33 May 2020